Phill Burrows is an illustrator working in educational publishing and advertising.

His illustrating skills were honed long, long ago when he taught English as a Foreign Language in France, Portugal and Hastings, and accompanied each lesson with sketches on the board.
Worksheets were full of little cartoons and humour was always very important.

Having worked in London for Mary Glasgow Publications (Scholastic) as an editor, then designer/illustrator, Phill then went. .. freelance. That was a long long time ago!

His artwork has since adorned coaches, been on yoghurt pots, café walls and posters. He's worked for most publishers.. above the line, below the line, blue chip, no chip companies.

A flourishing partnership with the writer Mark Foster has resulted in twelve books, published by Oxford University Press and the Bodley Head. Phill has also illustrated other books for learning German, Italian, Spanish and French. (Phill is bilingual in French/English and trying really hard to learn Spanish).
All of his work is now produced digitally, so in reality it never exists! He uses Painter, Illustrator and Photoshop. Everything is sent by email, although he still likes to use scratchy pens, torn paper and paint, especially at Christmas when he makes a whole bunch of handmade Christmas cards (for those still on his Christmas list).

Phill's pic