First blog ever

First blog ever. Here goes. All my friends tell me: Oh your artwork and drawings are so good but no one knows about you. You have to market yourself. Sigh. I hate all that marketing and publicity stuff, but hey ho, this is the world we live in. Hype and promotion. Its not like the old days, where I'd just put an ad in a directory of artists (Contact), and wait for artwork commissions to come in. Now its a jungle out there with a thousand and one people doing the most wonderful illustrations. I'll try this and give it a whirl. Nothing lost. Here are a few drawings completed recently for ..myself!

These following ones were drawn in my Moleskine sketch book for some big blue chippy corporate company whose name I forget. It was for their news letter.


These pieces were inspired by one of my favourite illustrators: Heath Robinson. I wish I had the patience though that he had, work out all the mechanics of his amazingly complicated machines!