Sexual health

A very unusual commission this.
I was asked to draw some 'semi realistic cartoons' for a booklet on sexual health. I had to be explicit yet discreet. They had to be suggestive, but not in your face . . . so to speak.
This is one of the more gentle drawings. More genteel!
It was an interesting experience getting reference material off google images too, even though I winced once or twice - Blimey! The internet is awash with lots of yukky stuff.

Anyway, the book is full of advice on what to do, what not to do, and how to protect yourself and your partner. Symptoms, diseases.. what to look out for etc ..  The booklet isn't aimed just at the young or the promiscuous 'I've-had-572-partners' type either.. but also for those over 40!

Scarey. Have a read here.

I can't give you a link as the booklet hasn't come out yet!

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