Phill Burrows was an illustrator working in publishing and advertising who moved seamlessly into fine art.

His illustrating skills were honed long, long ago when he taught English as a Foreign Language and accompanied each lesson with sketches on the board. His classes were a lot of fun.
He then worked in London for Mary Glasgow Publications (Scholastic) as an editor, then designer/illustrator; Phill then went. .. freelance. That was a long long time ago too.

His artwork has since adorned coaches, been on yoghurt pots, café walls and posters. He's worked for most publishers.. above the line, below the line, blue chip, no chip companies.

A flourishing partnership with the writer Mark Foster resulted in twelve books published by Oxford University Press and the Bodley Head. Phill has also illustrated other books for learning German, Italian, Spanish and French. (He's bilingual in French/English and trying really hard to learn Spanish).

As a fine artist he had a sell out exhibition with his friend the photographer Michael Harris. Phill's popular works incorporated landscapes with meticulously drawn shapes and lines representing wilderness, animals, sea creatures and whatever lay beneath. Now he’s working on his other passion - ceramics. He loves decorating porcelain and painting with oxides onto leather hard clay before firing it. He also tends to stick with the blue and white colour schemes which he loves. This ceramics, it’s starting to get all consuming. . . 

Examples of most of his work is on instagram . .